Luke Anderson

Luke Anderson, a transgender man, has walked away with the £50,000 winning prize in the 13th season of the UK’s Big Brother reality TV series.

The 31-year-old chef, who was born in South Africa as Laura and grew up in Wales, began his transition to a man four years ago.

“I was born female and have had gender reassignment,” he told his housemates within a day of entering the Big Brother house last month.

“I’m a biological woman. I have had chest surgery but not the other one yet. If you every want to ask me anything, just ask. It’s cool,” he said.

When he entered the show, Anderson explained that he hoped to show “trans guys” that they can lead a normal life.

He has been married to a woman, Becki, for two years. The beaming couple posed together on live television after he left the house in triumph on Monday night, which also happened to be their anniversary.

Anderson said in his post-win interview that “it’s great to feel acceptance and I don’t think its sunk it yet”.

He added that while winning the money was “nice” his main reason for taking part was “about acceptance”.

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