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Gay activists are outraged after Hong Kong hired a ‘gay cure’ doctor to train government counsellors.

According to AFP, psychiatrist Dr. Hong Kwai-wah was taken on as a trainer for the government’s social welfare staff.

Hong is the founder and president of New Creation Association, a Christian ministry targeting people struggling with “unwanted same-sex-attraction”. He is also listed as a “psychiatrist in private practice with a specialty in treating unwanted homosexuality”.

According to Truth Wins Out – a US LGBT rights group – the New Creation Association, “is directly linked” to North American organisations Exodus International and Exodus Global Alliance which spearhead ‘conversion’ therapy for gays and lesbians.

“Scandal-prone ‘ex-gay’ programs have become a joke in the West, so these charlatans are exporting their scientifically-bankrupt theories overseas,” commented Truth Wins Out’s Executive Director Wayne Besen.

The Hong Kong Social Welfare Department justified hiring Hong by saying that it presents “a variety of viewpoints” to staff members and previously had gay rights advocates address its staff.

“Apparently, promoting harmful therapy rejected by every mainstream medical and mental health association in the world is considered a ‘viewpoint,’” said Besen. “In truth, the Hong Kong Social Welfare Department is disgracefully promoting anti-gay propaganda that that is harmful and ineffective.”

Hong told AFP that his three-and-a-half hour training session for more than 60 social welfare staff last week did not highlight gay conversion but was focused on “how to pay attention and give guidance to same-sex attracted youths and their parents, to understand their struggle and their needs”.

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