Derren Brown

Gay illusionist Derren Brown has baffled viewers by apparently successfully predicting the UK’s national lottery numbers on live television last night.

Brown seemingly accomplished the impossible in his ten minute show, The Event Live, on Channel 4 by revealing a set of pre-selected lottery balls that matched the balls drawn earlier in the live lottery draw on BBC1.

Brown said he was unable to reveal the numbers before the live draw because the BBC has the exclusive rights to announce the lottery numbers.

Commenting on the stunt, a National Lottery spokeswoman said: “Congratulations to Derren Brown on the illusion he created on Channel 4. It’s impossible to affect the outcome of the draw and Derren Brown did not suggest he was able to do this.”

The illusionist, who said that he spent a year working on the trick, is set to reveal how he predicted the numbers in another show that will be broadcast this weekend.

Brown came out as gay in an interview with The Independent on Sunday in September 2007 and has been with his partner for two years.

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