A shirtless man has unexpectedly professed his love for George Clooney at a press conference for the actor’s latest film, The Men Who Stare at Goats, at the Venice Film Festival on Tuesday.

According to video footage of the incident, the man, who was situated amongst a group of journalists, appeared to be asking the star a legitimate question, when he announced: “I am gay George. And I think I am in love with you.”

He then began to take off his shirt and pants and, dressed only in his underwear and a tie, shouted out, “George please, take me. Choose me George. May I kiss you please?”

As the organisers switched off the sound from the man’s microphone, a smiling Clooney looked bemused and remarked “It’s hard when you take a big chance and it doesn’t work,” adding, “But, you know, the tie looks good”.

After the incident, when a real journalist started asking the actor a question about the film, Clooney humorously quipped: “Take your clothes off before asking that question.”

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