Jaco de Bruyn
(Pic: Heat / Waldo Swiegers)

South Africa’s Heat celebrity gossip magazine has announced the winner of its much hyped Man Watch competition.

Twenty five year old Gautenger Jaco de Bruyn was selected by readers of the magazine as their favourite entrant in the poll.

De Bruyn has won R5 000 in cash, a shoot in Heat and a chance to make his mark in the popular TV soapie 7de Laan.

De Bruyn says that he had no idea that he was the winner when Heat called him up. “Melinda Shaw called me to set up a meeting – she said that I was one of the top three finalists. Once I arrived, they told me I was the winner. They didn’t want to tell me over the phone.”

Melinda Shaw, Editor in Chief of Heat, admits she was relieved when she met De Bruyn. “There was a moment when I worried. What if the guy who got the most votes wasn’t as hot in person, or had grown a beer boep since his picture was taken?”

Shaw added that his topless shoot in the new issue of Heat is sure to convince anyone that the Afrikaans boykie from Olifantsfontein is a worthy winner. “His sixpack is truly A-list, and he’s also such a nice guy and totally professional. We are very proud of him. Heat readers proved they have excellent taste in men.”

De Bruyn says that he decided to submit his picture after learning that one of his friends had entered Heat Man Watch. “But I never expected to win – there were many guys with great bodies.”

His ripped torso is the result of a strict gym routine, five days a week, and he admits he didn’t always have a traffic-stopping sixpack. “At school I was one of the skinniest boys, and very shy – when people from back then see me now, they hardly recognise me!”

De Bruyn was also named as runner-up in Mr South Africa earlier this year, and holds the title of Mr Pretoria 2009.

Sadly for all the single gay men out there, De Bruyn is happily married to his first love, Renata, whom he’s known for nine years. She’s a pharmacist, and they got hitched almost two years ago.

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