Missing: 23 year old Bryce Faulkner.

The parent’s of US student Bryce Faulkner have threatened to sue a website which has been set up to find the missing 23 year old gay man. Faulkner went missing over a month ago, after his parents found out that he was homosexual.

It is alleged that they forced him to attend “ex-gay” therapy or else he would be ostracised from the family. His boyfriend Trarvis Swanson and gay rights activist Reverend Brett Harris have set up a website urging people to help find him.

Swanson told PinkNews.co.uk: “Bryce’s parents both called me and left messages threatening lawsuits and have contacted Rev Harris saying the same thing. They said they want [the website] removed immediately.

“They have been informed that the only way that will happen is if Bryce tells me face to face alone that he wants it down. Mrs Faulkner assures us that will never happen. We told her in that case the site and movement will continue forward stronger than ever.”

Swanson’s last contact with Faulkner was reportedly a tearful phone call in June, during which Faulkner described the “hateful” things he had been told about his homosexuality and described being made to read Bible passages.

It is believed that Faulkner will be in Florida for the next 14 months, undergoing “ex-gay” therapy. Gay rights activists have said the controversial therapy does not work and can be deeply damaging.

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