An online game, which involves shooting nude gay men before they are able to “rape” the player, has resurfaced on a Georgian website after being banned in France. The game, called Watch out behind you Hunter!, was made in 2002 by Frenchman Stéphane Aguie.

It was met with outrage by many gay activists, including the gay group Gay Armenia, who said it was “completely disgusted” by the game, adding that it was created by “those religious-minded people in Tbilisi, Georgia… who constantly cite Bible to ‘justify’ their homophobia and hatred.”

The owner of the original website on which the game appeared, Jean Christophe Calvet, has rebuked claims of prejudice, saying that he “really didn’t understand why the association was attacking us”.

He told news site “The guy who came up with the game, Stéphane Aguie, wanted to mock hunters and rednecks, not gay men. Our games are not politically correct. They’re aimed at teenagers and it’s true that they’re of a juvenile humour.”

Calvet said that while the game was removed from French websites after legal action from gay rights groups, it is “impossible to wipe it from all foreign sites too. Incidentally, not everyone in the gay community was supportive of banning the game.”

In 2001 his site was criticised by American groups for a game entitled New York Defender, where the object was to protect the Twin Towers from plane attacks. He added: “In the end, it’s all a bit of fun.”

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