Openly gay contestant Howard Ebison

During a recent episode of the British Apprentice Sir Alan, the UK’s version of Donald Trump, set the task of re-branding and regenerating the fading seaside town of Margate.

Openly gay candidate Howard Ebison suggested attracting the pink pound by turning Margate into a gay holiday destination. “Has anyone got any thoughts on the gay market? They spend more money than anyone else,” he reasoned.

However his fellow teammate Mona Lewis disagreed, saying in an outtake that she wouldn’t like her six year old son to meet a gay man. “I’d rather go for the family market simply because I feel that if we choose gay alone then we may be losing out. I don’t think the gay market is quite suitable for Kent,” she added.

Despite her objections, the two teams went ahead with the task which involved creating a poster and leaflet campaign and pitching their concept to industry experts and the town’s residents. Mona was given the function of market research which led her to a gay bar, where she encountered a transgendered male.

“Do you think there’s a big population of the gay and lesbians in Margate? Do you mind me asking you your sexuality?” she awkwardly asked.

The customer replied that she is biologically male but is planning to have gender reassignment surgery. A visibly surprised Mona replied: “You’re a boy and you’re going to be a girl? I would not know, honestly.”

At the end of the episode, Mona was fired for not contributing enough to the task, and for not demonstrating any skills outside of sales

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