The attendance of several Ugandan parliamentarians at an anti-gay conference in Kampala last week has been condemned by the European Parliament’s all-party “intergroup” for gay and lesbian rights.

The conference featured anti-gay keynote American speakers Scott Lively, Don Schmierer, Caleb Lee Brundidge and Stephen Langa. Also attending were Uganda-based groups working to diminish human rights of gay and transgender men and women.

“It is very sad that representatives of Ugandan parliament who should work for the rights of every Ugandan citizen, gravely discredit themselves by meeting people who work to spread hate and diminish rights of other human beings,” said Michael Cashman, president of the Intergroup.

“It would never be acceptable for any member of the European Parliament to meet, for example, representatives of Ku Klux Klan; thus I do not understand the rational of those Ugandan parliamentarians who agreed to the meeting with anti-gay militants.”

Raúl Romeva, vice-president of the Intergroup for the GREENS/EFA added: “If these Ugandan parliamentarians are serious about respecting the constitution of their country and in particular Chapter 4 on protection and promotion of fundamental and other human rights and freedoms, they should instead be working towards abolishing those discriminatory laws of Uganda which still deny full human rights to gay and lesbian citizens.”

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