Cape Town drag performer Odidiva had a fabulous time at this year’s recent MCQP party, but asks if the theme Lights! Camera! Action! should rather have been called No Lights! Dodgy! Robbery!

The idea to host the event as one large street party was ingenious and gave the party a kind of New Orleans Mardi Gras atmosphere.

As usual, the Capetonians left everything to the last minute, especially the organisers: The Chewaal nightclub began being built on Thursday.

They were still finishing the bar and VIP area at 6pm before the party opened at 8pm and the main dance floor was pure, raw cement – no tiles or paint or anything!

On the night, the venue was awesome. The VIP rooms were similar in style to the old Opium and Cruz nightclubs. The main dance floor was like walking into a deep large pit filled with dancing bodies looking way up at DJ’s like Dean Fuel.

Rumour has it that was the introduction to a new nightclub for next winter. Shaun Westcott, Garren and J.C. were all part of the team at the club and MCQP so everyone knows to expect a straight, gay-friendly venue.

I looked fierce dressed up as Aunty Entity (Tina Turner) in Mad Max and the Thunderdome. Big ups and credit to my Fairy Drag Mother, Sheena Alexander for the wonderful idea, Mishka for designing and making the delicious costume, Elizabeth Ingrid for the fabulous 80’s bouffant wig and taxi drivers Derrick of Excite Taxis and Moses of Sea Point Taxis who were so good with Odidiva.

Apologies to Nicky Greenwall for rushing her on the Red Carpet but there was no way I was going to do a forty minute queue for some fake E!Entertainment show.

My dressing room, by the way, had no light; so thanks to the boys who put me with DJs – that was fabulous! We had much more space, a plasma screen, a bed, couches and a whole big bathroom and dressing table.

I have to say that the Good Hope FM chill out area was very inadequate. All we had was a couple of scatter cushions in a stone, sand and gravel pit. Can you imagine how Odidiva managed to walk through to the Good Hope FM caravan in the farthest corner from the entrance? (I cannot, but I did.)

Their interview with me was funny, relaxed and the presenter knew exactly who my costume was meant to be. Thanks a lot Blaine Dodds.

Of course the Diva had the audience eating out of her hands with the audience cheering to “I say Ho, you say Bitch” (and vice versa) in between renditions of I am Telling You (Dreamgirls), Sweet Transvestite (Rocky Horror Picture Show), Goldeneye (James Bond) and We Don’t Need Another Hero (Mad Max and The Thunderdome).

The second half featured house tracks like Remember Me – (Blueboy), Missing – (Everything But The Girl) and my signature song All Things Nice. Thanks to all who screamed, danced and partied up a storm on the main stage, The Thunderdome, with Odidiva.

Odidiva on stage at MCQP (pic: Mike Van Der Merwe)

While on stage I noticed a woman tussling with a would-be digital camera thief before she won it back. My friend Mudi got her cell phone pick-pocketed on the main dance floor of Chewaal and another, Maureen, had the bottom of her bag cut open.

Yes, security was lax, even with the teams of “police” walking around. The only security I saw were the bouncers at the entrance to the different venues, but their presence left a lot to be desired.

Who stops a party at 4am with people in full swing? MCQP. Plus, there was no official after-party so people were left to roam around in that state looking for someone’s fab house to continue to party.

I found one at the top of Upper Rhine road and it was dotted with gorgeous men, especially the three from Greece. Oh I still dream of Constantinos!

All in all I congratulate Egon, Ian Mc Mahon and his team for a production well executed.

I have to say, next time don’t bother with the Bel Ami pornstar – in a tuxedo!? Get us a dance troupe of sexy dancers from Melbourne’s Market nightclub to strut and undress on stage and we will be more than happy!

The diva will be back soon with more Tales of the Mother City! Yihaaa!

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