A protest was held in Soweto on Monday to commemorate the murders of two lesbians, Sizakele Sigasa (left) and Salome Maoosa, one year ago; a brutal crime which remains unsolved.

The event was organised by the 07-07-07 End Hate Crime Campaign, which was created after the killing of the two women and named after the date of their death; July 7 2007.

Activists and friends and family of the victims attended the protest and expressed their disappointment that a year later justice has still not been done. A memorandum demanding a speedy resolution to the crime was handed to the Meadowlands Police Station.

While the sentiment among the protestors was one of anger at the perceived apathy and incompetence of the South African Police Service (SAPS), the authorities claim that they are doing all they can.

The apparent suicide of one of the suspects has further stymied the investigation, claims the SAPS which added that it is still awaiting results on DNA evidence related to the case.

“It has been a year and no one has been arrested. Justice is failing us, the law has not taken its cause. Justice has to be done,” said Maoosa’s aunt at the protest.

Sigasa and Maoosa’s bodies were discovered by a jogger in a field in Meadowlands on Sunday 8 July last year. According to various reports, the couple, who were romantically involved, had been tortured and possibly raped before they were shot dead.

“Today we call on all leaders to speak out against these homophobic attacks and work to make real the amazing equality clause in our constitution,” Dawn Cavanagh, director of the Forum for the Empowerment of Women said to the crowd.

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