London’s controversial new mayor, Boris Johnson, attended this weekend’s Pride, while in Budapest protestors became violent during that city’s Pride parade.

Sporting a pink cowboy hat, Johnson took part in the annual event for the first time. He has been viewed with some suspicion by the gay community after previously making anti-gay statements. A number of participants at the event were heard to boo at his presence.

He has previously written that legalising gay marriage could lead to the legalisation of bestiality and polygamy, stating that, “…I saw no reason in principle why a union should not be consecrated between three men, as well as two men, or indeed three men and a dog.”

Speaking to after the parade, Johnson was quoted as saying: “It was fantastic… I am going to make sure we support this event.”

While London’s Pride parade saw thousands take to the street without incident on Saturday, Budapest’s event on the same day turned violent thanks to ultra right wing thugs.

Anti-gay protestors threw rocks, faeces and rotten eggs at the approximately 1,500 marchers and clashed with Hungarian police when authorities moved to control the situation, at times with tear gas and water cannons.

The authorities were praised by activists for protecting the Pride participants even though the city’s police chief had previously attempted to ban the event.

There were no reports of serious injuries. Two gay establishments were fire-bombed in the weeks leading up to the parade.

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