The 07-07-07 End Hate Crimes campaign will march this Monday in commemoration of the homophobic murders of gays and lesbians across the country.

The organisers have planned the walk to honour the deaths of lesbian couple Sizakele Sigasa (left) and Salome Massoa, as well as all of the other men and women brutally murdered, raped and assaulted due to hate, intolerance and discrimination.

The 07-07-07 Campaign – formed as a reaction to the murder of the two lesbians and named after the date of their killing – aims to raise awareness among South African leaders and local communities about violations against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people.

Organiser Mpumi Mathabela says: “We would like to invite [the LGBTI community] to be in solidarity with us on this day as we remember our brothers and sisters whose right to life, dignity and equality has been violated. Your support will be greatly appreciated.”

The march will take place this Monday, July 7, exactly one year after the deaths of Sigasa and Massoa, and will run from 9:30am until 13:00pm.

The ‘act to end hate’ walk will start at Meadowlands Stadium (Zone 5) and proceed to Meadowlands Police Station, followed by a return to the stadium as the ending point.

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