Despite the difficulties plaguing the planning of the holy city’s gay pride, the march has gone ahead without major incidents.

The event, which has seen several violent incidents and negative publicity in the past, went off smoothly this Thursday, with over 2000 LGBT individuals participating.

The annual march, which is organised by Jerusalem’s gay and lesbian center, the Jerusalem Open House, was approved by the High Court of Justice despite opposition from conservative groups and the city itself.

While the march was mostly uneventful, one incident did occur involving a member of the ultra-conservative group Haredi who was detained by police for holding an insulting sign against the parade. A number of other protestors were also reported along the route.

Over 2000 police officers – around one policeman for every participant – under the command of Jerusalem Police Chief Aharon Franco, presided over the event to prevent altercations, and security was extremely tight.

The parade route ran approximately four city blocks, which was slightly longer than last year’s march. It began at the city’s Independence Park and continued up King David Street to Liberty Bell Park, with an evening rally to conclude the celebrations.

The parade has been a continuous source of debate within the city, with many religious city councilors and a significant number of largely traditional residents considering such an event inappropriate for a “holy” city.

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