LGBT activists have demanded that the courts oppose bail for the alleged killers of lesbian soccer player Eudy Simelane.

The five suspects are scheduled to appear in the Springs Magistrate Court today for their bail hearing, which will be heard by Magistrate Betty Lesufi.

The four defence attorneys representing the men indicated last week that they would all apply for bail.

In response, the Western Cape Alliance for the 7-7-7 End Hate Campaign called on the Magistrate and the State Prosecutor to refuse bail to the men.

“We believe that South Africa is experiencing a national crisis as crime, violence and acts of hatred escalate without appropriate responses from government. We are outraged that women in general bear the brunt of this violence,” said a statement.

“We are further angered that lesbian and bisexual women living in townships and rural communities are victims of curative rape, homophobia and sexual abuse by heterosexual men who exert power over the vulnerable.”

The group asked that “no undue postponements… be tolerated and that a speedy trial… be guaranteed to bring swift justice for Eudy.”

The Alliance said that the State mush address “the motivating factors of homophobia and attitudes of prejudice which led to Eudy’s murder.”

Simelane, a former player in the South African national women’s soccer team, was assaulted, raped and murdered in the Tornado section of Kwa Thema in the East Rand at the end of April.

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