England and Arsenal football star Ashley Cole has started legal action against the News of the World and the Sun tabloids for harassment, libel and breach of privacy, in relation to articles describing an alleged gay orgy.

Although the footballer, who is engaged to Girls Aloud singer Cheryl Tweedy, was not directly named in any of the stories, the 25 year old’s lawyers complained that the photograph and accompanying text in the articles suggested he was one of the players involved. They said their client denied involvement in a sexual relationship with another Premiership footballer or with any other man.

Last month the News of the World claimed that two unnamed footballers were caught on camera in an orgy with a well known music industry figure. The newspaper claims that one player engaged in sexual acts using a mobile phone as a sex toy.

The tabloid published alleged pictures of two of the figures involved but hid their faces. The story was followed by internet rumours and speculations on blogs and websites about the identity of the stars.

Meanwhile a dance music DJ has filed a similar claim against the papers.

By Benjamin Cohen –

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